How We Got The Promise Ring We Couldn’t Afford

Posted: December 14, 2017 by Shanelle

Promise Rings. They have always held a special place in my heart. I’ve always dreamed of being with a man who values them as much as I do. And when Michael brought up those two profound words… my heart melted. Knowing he wanted to show me that promise of love and commitment; I was even more confident that I found “the one“. But speaking of “the one“- what do you do when you find your perfect ring… but it’s not your perfect budget?

When Mike and I walked into Michael Hill that day… it was for fun. I wasn’t expecting to leave the store with the pretty purple box. No… we were actually just going to look at engagement rings for future ideas 😉 💍. But we had the idea of a promise ring in the back of our heads- and when that little, rose gold token of affection caught my eye? Mike saw the “sparkle” in my eye and could tell that I was going to be fixated on it though whole time we were in the store.

The ring was simple. It was me. Glitzy enough to make an impression. But minimal enough to be an everyday item I would be proud to wear. One problem… If we had walked into that store any other day, we wouldn’t have walked out with a ring. Well- maybe we would have. Mike does treat me like a queen… after all I still have my crown from my short lived Miss Okanagan days 👑. But I wouldn’t have felt comfortable with him spending that much when we have so much we are saving for. Bam. That’s where God worked his magic and a blessing took form.

The day we walked in… was their store wide, up to 50% off sale.


We had been praying about the promise ring before hand, making sure it was the right decision. You guys… God is SO GOOD. Like SO GOOD. I could cry thinking about it still. Because it was just that much of a miracle that day. When the sales manager greeted us with that news, I looked at Michael trying to remain calm… But then the manager remembered me from when my mom and I checked out the store at their opening… he additionally offered us a little extra off out of a kind heart. That’s when Mike totally felt the pressure. I could tell… because I saw the beads of sweat dripping off his forehead 💦 (note: this sentence contains a tiny bit of exaggeration for entertainment purposes, haha). But if you want the honest truth… the whole moment just felt right. Because we knew it was the doing of our Lord and Saviour. So, thanks to the goodness of our God, we got it. We got the ring that I happily wear on my finger today… because it would be our symbol of togetherness for the next two years.

You see, Mike and I have said to ourselves that we don’t want to get engaged/married while he is in the US Navy. It would be way too hard on us. Neither of us have personalities that do well with distance while dating… let alone imagine what it would be like having that much time apart engaged or married. That’s supposed to be one of the most exciting times of your relationship and being apart like that would kill me. So, we’re waiting. We’re waiting for our distance to be over. Waiting for the right time. Waiting for the green light on engagement from God. The other truth is that we’re both not ready to be engaged. Our relationship is so young and we have no much to learn about each other and grow together with. But that’s why we wanted to promise ourselves to each other 💕!

A promise to learn. A promise to communicate. A promise to never go to bed angry. A promise to laugh together always. A promise to make it to make it to marriage one day. 

Yes. It’s a long wait… for sure. Two years. But we can do it. Because I’ll tell you one thing for sure…

It’s a promise I don’t regret making.

So, that’s my story. That’s our story. That’s God’s story. Of how we were able to get the promise ring we couldn’t afford; without committing to a payment plan to make it even better! And I’m sharing this with you, not because I’m trying to say getting the ring you want is more important than the message… but because my message is about we got the ring I fell in love with because God loves us more than our human ability to love him. And I think that’s phenomenal. And I really just want you to remember that you were MADE FOR LOVE. 

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