Attention potential sponsors


As a Miss Universe Canada 2017 delegate I am currently on the lookout for sponsors that align with my personal brand, message and pageant goals. Sponsorship enables me to fund my pageants fees, wardrobe, and some travel costs. It's crucial for myself to have the support of my community and country so that I may carry out my dreams of making a difference in Mental Health for Canada and beyond.

If you'd like to become a sponsor, keep reading to see what it can do for you; as well as, how it helps me accomplish my ambitions for canada.

This is a time sensitive offer.

All headline SPONSORs must be partnered with me by july 31st 2017. Any sponsors therefore after will not be featured on the miss universe canada website, but only on my personal website and social media.


What Sponsorship can do for you


Promote yourself with a Public Figure

Given my recent media and news exposure, I've built a brand as a public figure in the Okanagan that could be useful for your company. Take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to have an Official BC Delegate of Miss Universe Canada at your service for all your events and promotional needs. Use my photos for online or print advertising, request my appearance and/or speaking expertise at your event, add extra excitement to your promotions or occasions, and so much more. With my official pageant sash, you'll be sure to gain more traction in your business and get noticed as a company that supports a great cause. 

Gain Nationwide and Worldwide Exposure

Every Miss Universe Canada delegate gets their own individual bio page on the official Miss Universe Canada website. We're required to have our sponsor list submitted by July 31st so that the names of the companies/brands supporting us will be included on our page. This means celebrities, get judges, big time brands around the world will be exposed to who you are and that is phenomenal. And not only that β€” you'll also gain exposure through my healthy and engaging social media following on Instagram, Facebook, and (soon to be) Youtube. As well as, anyone visiting my website will also see you front and centre as a feature partner of mine. 



I have 3 years experience in product/brand promotion

With an ex background in online/social media marketing, I know how to leverage your businesses partnership with me to it's full potential. I've worked with over 50 individual brands either on my own through product partnership or through marketing them as a content marketer with Hiilite. Many of my past partners I have worked with have been very pleased with the work that I do- including high quality photographs (by Victoria Blaire), blog posts, social media promotional and more. I'm trained to match your brand voice and to find you new audience members that will stick with you for a long time.

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