Tips for a Perfect GALentine’s Day (Valentine’s for Singles)

Posted: February 13, 2018 by Shanelle

Three days ago I reached out to all my single ladies who follow me on Instagram on how they plan on making Single Awareness Day into a day of SELF-LOVE! And you guys! The response was phenomenal! Any suggestions that didn’t make it to the comments slid into my DM’s (also am I the only one who finds that saying provocative? 😂). But all jokes aside your collaborative effort to help all your fellow singles out is finally going to be put together in one big blog post!

So, ladies… Don’t just take it from me… These tips come from women around the world who encourage you to have your BEST GALENTINE’S DAY EVER. Whether you are single, away from your honey (like me) or think Valentine’s Day is over-rated? Here are some super sophisticated ways to celebrate the best kind of love there is…

Loving YOU!

1. Spoil Yourself Rotten

It seems the concessive answer from all of you was that the key to avoid Valentine’s Day blues (similar to experiencing single’s blues) is showing yourself some TLC. Treat yourself to that spa day you keep putting off. Watch your favourite movies without fighting against chick-flick-a-phobia that some men seem to have. Break open that bubbly grandma gave you for your “wedding day”! Today is about you and you should wear that crown high! There is plenty of time in life to worry about spoiling someone else… take it from me, you’ll wish you spent less time worrying about having Valentine when you finally have one 😘. Now I have to SHARE my chocolate!!! And who likes that!?

2. Make it a Makeover Day

This also was a reoccurring trend in my comments section… But many of you recommend a makeover or glam session! One of my best friends booked herself a date with her hair to totally try something new! Another one of you mentioned you CHOPPED YOUR HAIR OFF for a new look and went full glam with a fresh set of nails to top it off! Now… I’m not saying go and cut your hair (because I don’t want to be held responsible if you regret it, haha…), but perhaps even playing with some fresh makeup looks or booking a mani/pedi would do the trick. One of my favourite ways to survive a single Valentine’s Day was to go out and buy myself some bold lipstick that I could rock out at dinner with my girlfriend’s the night. It’s all about feeling good in your skin and then confidence will follow!

3. Ditch the Idea of a Date

One piece of advice that really stood out to me in the comments was “Valentine’s Day is about love! It’s not just about love from a guy!” But how many of us forget that? So many of us! I have another friend back from my Graphic Design program that also said to “Always [keep] in mind that the goal is to find the one person you spend the rest of your life with… with that logic, once you find them, it will never be just you again.”  Both of these statements are SO true!

I am seriously coming to terms with the idea that I’ll probably never have a Valentine’s Day where it’s just me… and it kind of bums me out. Yes, I love my boyfriend! Of course! But I’m not with him this Valentine’s Day… and having my heart with someone who can’t be with me a lot of the time definitely hurts! I wish I would have spent every minute of my single days loving it, because now I have another person’s heart to care for too and I can’t always be selfish (in the good way) anymore! So, ditch that idea of needing a date! The only date you need is a date with yourself and what makes you happy!

4. Get the Gals Together

There is nothing that beats a heart shaped cheesy pie at Boston Pizza on Valentine’s Day. Now, I don’t know if they do those anymore… but that used to be my go-to all the time with my girlfriends before I found out I had a gluten/dairy allergy. However, nothing is stopping me from getting some girlies over and baking some gf and df cookies to munch on while we sip on champagne watching Gossip Girl! Have that ever-so-special GALentine’s party! Get a little wild with your friends and enjoy quality time with the, before everyone is married and off having zee babies. You won’t regret it!

5. Practice Self-Care

If you’re an empath like me, one of the last people you will put effort into truly caring for is yourself. Everyone else will come first. You come second. But it really should be the opposite way around! It is impossible to show others love when your cup is empty. There will simply not be enough love to give because of the logical reason that you have none left! So keep your cup full and prioritize yourself today. Quit being a yes-man and start being a yes-to-me man.

Ladies… there are so many other ways to take advantage of your single days on Valentine’s… but remember that February 14th isn’t the only day you can practice loving yourself to the fullest! You are made for love and nothing should stop you from living your best life in the single lane!

PS. Follow my girl @raindaisyy who is my number one sista’ to get glam with!

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