my image gurus


Ashley Sanderson

of purnama style lounge

Ashley is a hair recreation goddess. When I met her, my hair was brittle and damaged, but thankfully Ashley saved the day and nursed it back to health in the fall of 2016. You could call her a hairstyle magician, because it's honestly true. Now she's my go-to gal for colouring and styling, because who better to trust than a spunky chick with over 10 years experience in the hair biz?

Brenda COnnell

of The Nutrition Health Coach

When a pageant girl and public figure needs to stay fit, her best option is to rely on her mom. She's my secret weapon to keeping in shape thanks to her wealth of knowledge as a holistic health coach. This entrepreneur started The Nutrition Health Coach in 2011 and since then has polished plenty of plans/programs that can be tailored to your personal wellness needs.




Victoria Blaire

of Victoria Blaire Photography

Not only is Victoria Blaire my exclusive promotional photographer, but she's also a unicorn in disguise. No really, she's pretty magical. Though her trade resides in fine-art wedding photography- she is always by my side when I need new headshots, brand collaboration photography, lifestyle, and more. Almost every professional image on my site or socials is taken by this gal. There are no words grand enough to explain how phenomenal she is.