Keeping Current with Current Taxi

There's a new face in town, an no- it's not me. I'm talking about Canada's FIRST EVER electric taxi service, Current Taxi! Their mission? Starting with Kelowna, Current Taxi wants to change the way you ride. There's a countless things that make them unique, but the most obvious factor is that your new favourite taxi is a TESLA.


I was driving home from an appointment with my naturopath and low and behold, what do I see buzz by right in front of my eyes? My dream car. But it had something extra on it that I have not seen laden across a Tesla before- it had a logo, a taxi logo. So, obviously the first thing I did was rush home and find them online (of course). I was floored. A taxi company. An ELECTRIC TAXI company! This was huge! Kelowna had become the leader by pioneering an environmentally sustainable car service in Canada.

Local Kelowna entrepreneurs, Dale Conway and Jerry Pokorny, started up the business because they noticed there was a demand for luxury car service where you're getting class treatment at affordable pricing. Liking the sound of that? Me too... That's why I was so excited when their team asked if we'd model some promotional for them! (And of course photographer extraordinaire, Victoria Blaire, hopped on board to do the job right!)


I can honestly say, without a shadow of a doubt, that this is the best taxi service that I have ever been in. First you should know, my first time riding was last Friday since I needed a safe ride home from the Cactus Club. Second, all opinions are my own and I am not being paid to say any of this. But I have never felt so at home for riding in a car with a stranger, it was like my driver was family. Getting in their vehicle, you most likely will first be asked what music you'd like to play... and you can request ANY song and your Model X or S has you covered. Next, you have someone to chat with the whole time- guaranteed you'll have someone super personable to talk to. Then, when it comes time to the golden question of payment? Well... You're looking at the same price as the other guys. I'm not kidding... opulent service, environmentally friendly, same cost. Can you get any better?

I would highly recommend checking them our at, and if you want to really get supportive of amazing local ventures going on in our community- then come on down to the Superchargers behind the Best Western Kelowna at 3PM today for their GRAND OPENING!

However, it just really needs to be said that I will never take another taxi in my city again. Current Taxi has changed the way I ride. 

Sending love from Canada,

Shanelle Connell

Photo credits: Victoria Blaire