The Sweet Escape | Alisha Khan Photography

If you didn't see my post on my Facebook Page, this week is the week I introduced one of my dearest friends and an official sponsor, Alisha Khan Photography

Alisha is an award winning wedding photographer here in the Okanagan and takes gorgeous fresh and airy photos that her couples can't get enough of. However, on the side- Alisha loves to experiment with fashion photography and editorial style shoots. Her and I have worked together quite a few times having fun and exploring vogue-esque looks. So- today I wanted to show you our edgy Gwen Stefani, Sweet Escape inspired photoshoot we did back in Spring 2016! These photos have never been seen by anyone yet, so this is an exclusive feature that we're excited to share.

Love Alisha's work? Go show her some support on her Instagram and Facebook @AlishaKhanPhotography. Without her I would not have been able to afford my provincial pageant gown for Miss World Canada. I am so grateful to her for her generosity and she definitely deserves some recognition for her amazing soul and beautiful photography.

Sending Love from Canada,

Shanelle Connell

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