10 Reasons to Love Canada

I never did quite get to showcase the beautiful promotional photos that Victoria Blaire Photography shot for me, so I thought- why not do a blog post that expresses why I'm proud to be Canadian and show those puppies off!

Born an raised in this beautiful country, I can proudly say that I wouldn't pick another place in the world to live. We have free speech, beautiful sights, and maple mints from Roots- what more could a girl ask for?

Thus, here are my top 10 reasons to ADORE Canada!


10. Our Four Beautiful Seasons

Am I a huge winter fan? No. But do I love the idea that my country offers a white Christmas in almost every province and city? Absolutely. Not only that, each province in Canada has their own kind of climate- so, there are so many unique ways to experience Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer. I literally could not be more thankful for the beauty God blessed Canada with.

9. Diversity = Great Food

This might sound a little surface level, but I promise it's not... With the amount of diversity and integration of cultures in Canada- we have some of the best cuisine on the planet! Since we're all about celebrating each others divergent backgrounds, what better way to do it over an activity I'm positive almost everyone loves- eating! After all... the way to a person's heart is through their stomach, right?


8. Maple Mints. Period.

Have I mentioned this on my Facebook, Instagram, blog and potentially to everyone I know? Yes. BUT I AM OBSESSED WITH ROOT'S MAPLE ICE MINTS. I have never tasted anything better in my life. Whenever I got to the mall I will stock up on like 10 tins at a time... they're just that good.

7. The Wildlife

I might be a little more excited over this than most. Apparently in British Columbia seeing baby deer is a common thing and not a novelty to most... But even though I've been in BC for 6 years now, I still get way too excited over how cute they are. We're so lucky to be surrounded by these amazing creatures in Canada, which is why we need to focus on taking care of our environment too.

6. Our Canadian Pride

I can confidently say, that most people on social media and who I talk to that live in Canada are extremely proud to be Canadian. We love our people, our country, our resources and our values. A country cannot be strong and resilient when those around us are not standing for the same message. Canadian pride is a powerful thing- and I myself am glad to be Canadian.


5. The Happening Humour

There is just something about Canadian humour that stands out... I don't know what it is, but I swear we're like 90% more sarcastic than others. Could it be the British foundation we share? Borrowing from their dry sense of humour? Who knows... but our comedy shows and talent are hilarious.

4. Our Determination to Make a Difference

I'm not saying that Canada is better at this than any other country, but I am saying that the tenacity of Canadian citizens to fight for their rights and freedoms is outstanding. We really care to make a difference in our world and the lives of others around us. We'll lobby until we're blue in the face and fight for justice where it's rightly deserved. And to me, that's pretty neat. 

3. Our Increased Awareness of Mental Health

I'm so happy that I can say that Canada recognizes the importance of mental health and what it stands for. Over the last few years, I've seen an increase of awareness and attempts to break the stigma surrounding mental illness. I'm even attending a workshop in February on educating others on how to assist those who need support. This is one major reason to love Canada, for sure.


2. The Lovely Landscape

I briefly mentioned this in number ten, but WOW IS OUR LANDSCAPE ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. Especially in the city of Kelowna where I reside. I can look out my window every day and see how beautiful and breath taking my country is. No matter where you've lived or visited, it truly has hidden treasures anywhere you go.

1. Our Hearts

Canadian hearts are bleeding hearts. We pour our blood, sweat, tears, and soul into all we do. That's what makes Canada such a loving and abundant country. We love, accept, support, and encourage those who need it. We open our hearts to others and welcome them with a warm Canadian smile and good ol' friendly Canadian "eh".

What can I say? Canada is a wonderful place to live. If you agree or have a favourite thing about Canada that I didn't mention, comment below and share your thoughts!

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Sending love from Canada,

Shanelle Connell