5 Tips to Beat the Single’s Blues at Christmas

Posted: December 11, 2017 by Shanelle

Is it just me… or is Christmas the absolute worst time out of the WHOLE YEAR to be single? Halloween? I’ll manage. New Years? A glass of champagne and I’ll kiss a stranger (if he’s cute) . But Christmas? You might as well shoot me in the foot. If it’s not seeing your relatives that constantly ask when you’re going to meet a nice man and start having babies… It’s seeing your friends as they do meet nice men and start having babies! But don’t you fret, I’ve developed 5 amazing own coping strategies to avoid crying into a bucket of Ben and Jerry’s at the end of every holiday party…

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Why I’m Starting a Relationship Blog…

Posted: December 4, 2017 by Shanelle

This blog is not my first rodeo. However, it is the first time I’m starting to blog about something I’m extremely passionate about- relationships. Before, I was a fashion and food blogger under the name of Enjoy Life, Eat Cake. Though I loved sharing my two-cents on delicious meals, the latest trends, or what went on that day… something was missing! It always felt like I wasn’t able to be uncensored enough, raw enough, or real enough…

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